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It's Time. You're ready.

Whether it’s your city, your forward looking brand or an innovative educational institution, you’re ready to connect with the broader world and the increasingly international population of the Netherlands. How can you be certain you’re doing it in a way people will best relate to?

No doubt, your spoken English is top notch. But what about your writing? The nuances, the cadence, the words sounding just right to your new audience's ears? Of that you’re not so certain.

Hello, I’m Paul, a native English copywriter and content creator who delights in bringing Dutch life, business and innovation closer to the world. I am a flexible, confident, clear collaborator, with an affinity for Dutch culture, while retaining a sharp outsider's perspective of it. Sustainability consulting is also available.

Clients have included the city of Utrecht, Futureproof Community, the Amsterdam Economic Board and For The Love Of Place, among others. I've also served as a plug in resource to marketing agencies as well.

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Good copywriting is about more than cleverly putting words together, it’s also understanding, resonating with and relatably communicating the subject matter at hand.

When you add the dimension of doing it in a language that’s secondary to you, it can impede connecting with your audience, in ways you’re unaware.

That’s where I come in.

Utrecht based, Santa Barbara born, with stints in San Francisco, London, and most recently Portland, Oregon, I bring a cross-continental perspective and a keen ear for how to
convey things compellingly, in both British and American English.

Whether it’s editing and optimizing content you’ve begun to create or starting something from scratch, you’ll have an energetic partner in me.

Along with copywriting, I’ve been a brand social media strategist, innovation focused journalist, out of the box branded content creator, and in one particularly entertaining stretch,
a ghost writer for an iconic, firebrand of a CEO.

N O T E: While copywriting is my primary offering, I am also available on a consultative basis. This can incorporate anything from a decade’s worth of experience across the sustainability sector, and the accrued knowledge, insights, resources and network associated with it.

Are you next? Let's meet for coffee and find out.


Let’s skip the repetition and share one testimonial that, really, says it all.

"Paul is an excellent English copywriter-content creator and much more. He is a very kind and interesting person to work with. He took the big step to move from the USA to The Netherlands with his family, and got integrated very fast, with a positive 'can do' mentality.

I experienced his fascination for Dutch life and (sustainable, circular) business concepts and innovation. He brings the best of both worlds together on social media but also in the (business) networks he built up in the Netherlands and abroad. I definitely recommend him to others!"

Marije van Zomeren, serial sustainable business entrepreneur and circular economy pioneer


My rates are fair. My client communication prompt. My time focused on you. Let's have coffee and see if we're a fit! Then let’s determine an hourly and time budget that suits us both, and I’ll be off and running on your behalf.

You can call me at +31 6 27 54 67 63, email, or click the buttons below.